Root Canal in West New York & Teaneck, NJ

Once a tooth infection reaches the inner pulp, it is important to get this dangerous condition under control. An abscess can form around the diseased tooth, and the problem may become significantly worse. Without root canal treatment, a pulp infection could spread to the surrounding teeth, leading to tooth loss, entering the bloodstream, and traveling to other parts of the body.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals infection treatment alleviates pain and saves natural teeth by eliminating the infected pulp and halting the spread of infection. Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro will recommend root canal procedures to dental patients with severe inner tooth damage, which is often a result of a severe tooth infection in the tooth’s inner pulp.

If you are in the Teaneck or West New York, NJ area and are experiencing root canal symptoms like increased tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing, tender gums or swelling gums, intolerance to cold or heat, or tooth discoloration, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal at Complete Dental Works

Root canal therapy involves two office visits. First, Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro will take a digital x-ray to examine the extent of the pulp infection. This will allow your root canal dentist to create a customized treatment plan. Then, a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area. The entire pulp chamber and canals are cleaned out thoroughly after the damaged pulp is removed. After the infected area has been removed, the tooth is shaped, filled, and sealed.

Lastly, a porcelain crown is placed to strengthen the weakened tooth structure and restore its natural function and appearance. After this has taken place, your smile will look as good as new!

If you would like to schedule a root canal appointment with our dentists at Complete Dental Works or if you would like more information about the treatments and services we offer, contact our dental office near you. Book your appointment for a root canal today.


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