Which Dental Procedures Are Necessary or Unnecessary for Your Child?

Which Dental Procedures Are Necessary or Unnecessary for Your Child?

Jan 01, 2022

The idea that only adults need dental care is absurd. At any edge of life, you have the right to access dental healthcare. Pediatric dentistry specializes in dental care for children right from infancy. Ideally, even before your child starts teething they can benefit from dentistry. Your only responsibility as a parent is to ensure that your child gets the best kind of care at all stages of their life.

Understanding Dental Care for Children

Children have different oral needs as they grow up. At one point, you will be concerned with whether or not your child will have teeth, and the next minute you will be worried about when their first tooth will fall off. If you are walking this journey by yourself, it can get overwhelming. It is why all parents need assistance from dental experts in pediatric dentistry in West New York. One of the most common issues your child may face is the risk of dental cavities.

The proneness of Cavities Among Children

Children are very prone to dental cavities, especially when they approach age 6. You may have a hard time convincing your child to eat healthily, brush their teeth twice every day, among other good oral habits. As such, the chances of catching cavities on one or more teeth continue to increase until your child approaches their teenage years. Without the necessary preventive measures, you can almost always be sure that you will need to visit a pediatric dentist near you for a tooth extraction to handle dental cavities.

Should You Ignore Cavities on Children?

Dental cavities are serious oral issues, regardless of who gets them. For kids, it may be easy to overlook dental cavities on baby teeth hoping that the permanent teeth that erupt afterward will be healthy. While this may be true, it is not a good idea to ignore cavities on your child’s teeth, whether for primary teeth or permanent teeth.

Baby teeth play a significant role in a kid’s life. Premature baby tooth loss can affect dental health by introducing orthodontic problems. Therefore, no parent should be ignoring dental caries on children just because they are temporary baby teeth that will be lost soon. Besides, children retain their baby teeth for several years before all their permanent teeth can erupt.

​Important Dental Procedures for Children’s Dental Health

  1. Dental crowns – If you are among the patients that worry about whether dental crowns are recommended on baby teeth, you need to visit a kids’ dentist to learn more about dental crowns for kids. Dental crowns can be used on decayed baby teeth to protect them and continue the normal functionality of teeth until they are ready to fall off. While it may not seem worth it to place a dental crown on a baby tooth, it is a worthwhile investment that will prevent orthodontic problems like improper spacing to occur due to premature baby tooth loss.
  2. Dental sealants – Are types of tooth fillings used to protect teeth from dental cavities. Ideally, instead of waiting until my dental cavity forms before you can seek treatment, dentists can apply dental sealants on teeth to prevent cavities from forming in the first place. Sealants can be applied even on baby teeth to protect and preserve them until they are ready to fall off and give way to permanent adult teeth. However, even afterward, your child can still get dental sealants for permanent teeth.
  3. Tooth extractions – Sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be saved using a dental crown or dental filling. For such, a dentist will recommend tooth extractions to remove the diseased teeth. Sometimes tooth extractions are offered to treat toothaches, severe dental cavities, or broken and chipped teeth. However, primary tooth extractions among small kids can be done to remove problematic baby teeth that refuse to fall off naturally.
  4. Space maintainers – They are used for saving space in the jawbone of a kid’s mouth after premature baby tooth loss. The role of a space maintainer is to prevent misalignment of teeth when baby teeth are removed early, and it takes a long for permanent teeth to erupt.

​Are Pediatric Dental Procedures Painful?

We encounter many parents at Complete Dental Works who are concerned about exposing their children to painful experiences in the name of dental care. Thanks to local anesthesia used for numbing the mouth before pediatric dental procedures, kids enjoy pain-free experiences at the dentist’s office.

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