What You Should Know Before Using Teeth Whitening Strips

What You Should Know Before Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Aug 01, 2019

Who doesn’t want their smile to be a little whiter and brighter? Dentist near me in Teaneck says that patients come to them, hoping that the staining that has built up over the years will be reduced or even eliminated. A low-cost and effective way of achieving this is the teeth whitening strips. Teeth whitening strips can work well, but using strips have a few setbacks that you need to be aware of.

How Teeth Whitening Strips Work

Teeth Whitening in Teaneck explains that these strips are made from a flexible plastic substance coated in a thin layer of whitening gel, which usually contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The gel is pressed against the surface and held in place, as the strips are applied to your teeth. The gel penetrates the tooth and begins its lightening work. The strips are usually applied daily over a period of two to three weeks.

It’s a very quick and low-cost route to a whiter smile, but there are three significant problems involved. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Risk of Uneven Whitening

Dentist in Teaneck, New Jersey says that the strips, however, placed carefully would still leave some sides unwhitened. So, it becomes a tedious task to always see, which areas need whitening and which were left out in the last try.

  • Danger of Gum Problems

According to the dental care in Teaneck, NJ, the bleaching agent in teeth whitening strips, not as powerful as the one’s dentists use, is still a harsh chemical, which can damage the soft gum tissues. You must try to avoid contact between the whitening agent and your gums wherever possible, although this is easier said than done.

  • Tooth Sensitivity and Possible Damage

The teeth whitening strips are safe to use in moderation, but overdoing it can cause sensitivity and even permanent damage to your teeth. You will have severe pain and also risking your teeth towards decay, incase the enamel is eroded through the excessive application of the whitening agent.

Use teeth whitening strips after consulting your dentist.

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