The Teaneck Dental Implant Process

The Teaneck Dental Implant Process

Dec 21, 2018

Are you missing one, most or all of your teeth? Tired of having to glue in your smile each morning? Considering Teaneck dental implants? At Complete Dental Works we are proud to offer implant dentistry in Teaneck for our patients that are interested in replacing their missing teeth and restoring the appearance and function of their natural smile. Not sure dental implants are the right option for your smile? Feel free to schedule a consultation, we’d be more than happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. 

Getting Dental Implants

The first step when it comes to getting dental implants is the consultation. During your consultation, your dentist at Complete Dental Works will evaluate your smile and oral health to determine if you are healthy enough for implant dentistry.

The second step is extracting any teeth if necessary. If you are already missing your teeth, this part will be skipped.

Third, the implant placement. A titanium post will be surgically attached to the jaw, serving as an artificial tooth root. Titanium is used so that the implant itself will bond with the bone, making the implant a part of your body. Following the impant placement, the mouth will need time to properly heal. This typically takes around 6-8 weeks, however, your dentist can let you know a more exact date following the implantation.

Once the implant site itself has completely healed, the abutment can then be placed. The abutment is used to secure the prosthetic to the portion of the dental implant that is visible from the gums.

The final step is placing the prosthetic, which can be a dental crown, bridge, partial or even denture depending upon what you select. Once the prosthetic has been placed, you can use your new smile like a natural one.

Get Dental Implants in Teaneck Today

Considering dental implants in 07666? Feel free to contact our practice today to schedule your consultation for dental implants near you. Complete Dental Works is always welcoming new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to get you on the schedule for a dental implant consultation in Teaneck.

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