Technologies like DSD (Digital Smile Design) Have Stormed Dentistry

Technologies like DSD (Digital Smile Design) Have Stormed Dentistry

Apr 01, 2020

Patients all over the globe are undergoing dental restoration procedures when they find themselves in need of restorative services because of injury, illness, or other issues that may affect their oral health. They are also affected by the appearance of their smiles. Unfortunately, not all restorative procedures deliver similar results. Thankfully digital smile design (DSD) has taken the world of dentistry by storm because it can offer better results and a predictable outcome for every single patient.

What Is the Digital Smile Design Process?

The DSD is a planning tool for dental treatment that is unique and can strengthen the diagnostic vision of dental providers like Complete Dental Works that are offering digital smile makeover in Teaneck, NJ, for their patients. Their dentistry in Teaneck, NJ, designs treatment plans after completing a thorough analysis of the dental and facial proportions of the patient. As a provider with revolutionary technology, they make use of photographs, videos, and temporary mockups to get a better sense of the relationship between the gums, lips, and teeth and also an understanding of how all of them work together and creating the smile of a person.

The emotional requirements of the patient are also considered by the DSD provider along with the physical aspects to understand how the patient reacts in certain situations. These factors can impact the treatment plant as emotions play an important role when creating a physical method to express the reactions. Most DSD providers are gifted with an artistic vision which is an essential requirement to create beautiful smiles along with the experience needed to give patients a positive outcome.

How Does the Digital Smile Design Process Begin?

If you decide to educate yourself more about DSD you can begin the learning process but trying to find a provider close to you to arrange a consultation. You can meet providers like dentistry in Teaneck, NJ, and discuss the benefits of this treatment option. If you are in agreement with the provider and decide to move forward 3D photographs and videos of every angle of your mouth will be taken with an intraoral scanner before the data is imported into the DSD software.

An intraoral scanner eases the process as they are extremely effective to provide more views of the mouth. The technician conducting the scan will be watching every image that pops up on the screen in real-time to ensure the right images are captured at the angles needed to create a visual representation of the eventual result. Viewing the images during the process proves beneficial for you as well because you will not be required to return for additional imaging after the initial consultation.

The Procedure of Digital Smile Design

After importing the data into the software the dental provider will look at a digital library or different forms and shapes that can be placed over your teeth in the images. It gives you a quick glimpse into what can be expected from the treatment besides giving the dental provider the information needed to create a physical model with the dental laboratory. A realistic model will be created with help coming from the images and the videos which may include your facial aesthetics and any other important aspects.

Your involvement in the entire process from beginning to the end will become a habit with you because you will be required to communicate your needs to your digital smile designer. You can also approve the 3D model and mockup image of your smile and how it will look like after the treatment is completed. When you choose to improve your smile with DSD you will be in the driver’s seat and the provider may even be in a position to place portions of the model into your mouth temporarily to provide you a better idea of how your teeth will look like when you begin to speak and smile.

The provider will begin the restoration process after receiving approval from you. This requires placing the mockup model in your mouth as a guide for the preparation. Any fragments of damaged teeth will be extricated before the restorations are placed in the form of implants or veneers. The provider will restore every single tooth before moving to the next. A polishing treatment provided finally will help your teeth look clean and shiny.

The Difference Made by Digital Smile Design

Many dental providers are using certain aspects of digital imaging and software but most do not have access to a comprehensive solution like DSD. Dental providers cannot predict how your smile will look like at the end of the restoration procedure. DSD is helping to remove the struggle with miscommunication or unanswered questions because it brings patients and dental providers together on the same page as a front-runner in dental technology.

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