Signs Your Child Needs to See a Pediatric Dentist

Signs Your Child Needs to See a Pediatric Dentist

Mar 01, 2020

While some parents ignore the role of having their children visit a pediatric dentist in Teaneck, NJ, oral therapy is vital for a teething toddler.

Our dentists recommend that you take your toddler for a dental check-up at least six months after birth. If their teeth sprout earlier than that, then time is due. With the first sprout of a tooth, call in a pedodontist to carry out a dental cleaning on your infant.

A Teaneck children’s dentist will evaluate the growth patterns of your child’s teeth. This helps them detect any possible chances for future infections or abnormal growth.

How do you know that your child is teething?

It’s important to know what signs indicate the growth of teeth on your toddler for early dental planning. These signs include:

  • Rubbing the face or ears – Sprouting teeth cause irritation and frustration to children. They, therefore, engage in rubbing, pulling, or any other activity that brings relief. When teething, your child will most likely rub their face and ears continuously.
  • Excessive Drooling – It is normal for children to drool often. However, if you notice an increase in the capacity of drooling, more than usual, it may be a sign of tooth development.
  • Chewing everything they find – If a toddler starts chewing, biting, or sucking on anything they get hold of, the behaviors might suggest that the first tooth is cooking.
  • Rejecting their favorite food – If your child has a tooth that’s ready to erupt, then chewing becomes painful. They start rejecting foods they adore most, and this could be a good time to visit Teaneck’s children’s dentist.
  • Bulging of gums – If your child appears to have inflamed and swollen gums, there are good chances that a tooth is about to erupt.

Some of the symptoms cause panic and fright to some lactating mothers. You need not worry if your child exhibits these unusual symptoms and behaviors. The baby is in its growth phase, and these are good signs of development. Ensure you consult with dentistry in Teaneck NJ for further guidance and pediatric tips.

Signs that your child needs a pediatric visit

The following signs and symptoms suggest an immediate appointment with a pediatric dentist for your child.

  • Toothaches

Pain is the body code for “something is wrong.” If your child reports hurting or persistent pain in the mouth or teeth, an examination needs to be scheduled soonest possible. The sooner a pediatric dentist screens and examines the situation, the better the chances of treating it.

  • White or Brown spots on teeth

These chalky lines and spots could indicate that the teeth in question are developing dental cavities. In children, tooth decay advances quickly and can be fatal if ignored. If you realize brown or black discoloration on their teeth, call to schedule an appointment soonest possible. Broken fragments also need not be overlooked as they could be pathways for harmful bacteria into the tooth.

  • Ailing Gums

A dental examination is inevitable if your child’s gums are bleeding, hurting, red, or swollen. If your child complains of pain after brushing their teeth, then time to see a pediatric dentist in Teaneck, NJ, is due. Irritating gums could suggest gingivitis development, which can be fatal.

  • Sensitivity to temperature

Your child may experience sharp pains when eating ice cream and hot foods. This dental pain is a definitive sign for dental caries, and a cavity might be developing. Have a dentist examine your child’s oral condition to prevent the cavity from advancing to a decay.

  • Loose Teeth

From age 6-12, milk teeth start falling out, and new permanent teeth begin to develop. It is normal to have wiggly teeth that easily fall out at this age. However, if newer permanent teeth start becoming loose, then there is a need for concern. Visit a pediatric dentist with your child for an oral examination.

Caring for your child’s teeth

Children might not have the capacity to take care of their teeth effectively. As a parent, you, therefore, need to be on the frontline in helping your child maintain their teeth. Regularly help them floss their teeth. Guide them on how to brush their teeth correctly.

Also, keep the following foods away/ limit your child’s intake of them to keep their dental health in check.

  • Crunchy sugary candy
  • Citrus fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Ice
  • Dark Cola
  • Sports Drinks

Remember to bring them in at Complete Dental Works (Teaneck) for professional checkups.

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