Fastbraces in Teaneck, NJ

Complete Dental Works offers patients the most cutting-edge dental care available in the area. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment, then you may know that traditional braces are no longer the only option to straighten teeth. There is a treatment that can realign and straighten your teeth in an average of 100 days – the Fastbraces system.

This revolutionary treatment is a way for individuals to get the orthodontic treatment they need without having to wait a year or more for results.

Increased Comfort

Patients will no longer have to worry about any painful dental visits with Fastbraces. Installation is painless, with no pain medication required. Your teeth will be pushed with a gentle force that moves the root of teeth so that they are straight. They also move the crown of teeth so that there is no friction that causes pain and discomfort in the mouth.

Super-Fast Results

The results of this groundbreaking treatment can be noticed in just a single day. Teeth are aligned faster than ever before with patented technology that restores the morphology of bone structures and treats orthodontitis in the gums. Almost no patients have required teeth to be removed, which is often the case when there is not enough room in the mouth for realignment.

Cleaner Teeth

Keep your teeth cleaner with Fastbraces. You have a shorter treatment time, meaning you can regain full reign of your teeth sooner and be able to brush adequately. Food particles can get stuck in braces and be difficult to remove, requiring a dental visit. The smaller brackets make it a much simpler task to remove food particles from teeth and prevent tooth decay from developing during treatment.


This treatment is more affordable than other dental options when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Complete Dental Works puts a lot of effort into making sure teeth are healthy without causing undue stress. This unique approach offers patients a way to get a smile they will love for years to come.

Fastbraces provide Complete Dental Works patients with orthodontic care that produces fast and effective results. A dentist in your area can give you an exam and discuss your treatment options.

Fast Braces