Digital Smile Design In Teaneck, NJ

Digital Smile Design Near You

It is important to make sure any cosmetic dentistry treatment meets the unique aesthetic goals of each patient. To facilitate communication and optimize workflow, Teaneck, New Jersey dentists Dr. Ro and Dr. Cantuarias utilize Digital Smile Design (DSD) imaging.

The benefits of DSD for dentists and patients include:

  • Precise cosmetic diagnosis
  • Direct communication between dentists and patients
  • Impressions and digital images vividly display the impact of changes to your smile
  • Extreme focus on identifying and meeting your needs

Our Teaneck, NJ dentists and staff are the Digital Smile Design team at our 07666-area dental office. Please call 201-836-4400 today to learn about how this comprehensive imaging and modeling protocol can benefit you.


Digital Smile Design with Teaneck, NJ Dentists

Digital Smile Design improves dentist/patient communication when creating a cosmetic dentistry treatment strategy. Aesthetic goals, patient feedback, and the DSD system are integral parts of the procedure plan.

DSD at Complete Dental Works involves these steps:

  • Our Teaneck dental staff will take digital images of your entire oral cavity from various angles
  • Using special software, you and your Teaneck, NJ dentist will examine the photos. That allows Dr. Ro and Dr. Cantuarias to begin establishing potential changes.
  • A post-treatment smile simulation will be displayed in a digital mock-up
  • Mouth impressions will be taken, and your dentist will translate the digitized design onto the tangible model
  • A composite resin model will be made to determine if the simulated treatments fit your bite and your needs sufficiently.

If you are pleased with the final digital mock-up, our Teaneck, NJ dentists will proceed with any necessary procedures mapped out on the treatment plan created through the DSD system.