Dental Cleanings & Exams in Teaneck, NJ

Dental Cleanings & Exams Near You

You may wonder why routine dental exams in Teaneck are so important. The answer is simple. By investing a small amount of time for your oral health, you can prevent a lot of time repairing avoidable issues. In other words, by getting an annual exam or visiting your dentist every six months, you can be sure potential problems are identified and treated early. The regular dental exam allows your Teaneck dentist to monitor your oral health.

Maintaining sparkling, healthy teeth is a much better option than having cavities filled or undergoing periodontal treatment. While good oral care habits at home are very important, so are regular professional cleanings and exams. To keep your teeth and gums in top notch shape, visit your Teaneck, NJ dentists at Complete Dental Works every six months.

Routine dental health check-ups allow Dr. Cantuarias and Dr. Ro to monitor changes in your oral cavity and treat budding issues early. Depending on your individual needs and concerns, your Teaneck dentist may recommend dental sealants or professional fluoride treatment for more cavity-fighting protection.

Dental Exam in Teaneck, NJ

During a routine exam, your Dr. Cantuarias or Dr. Ro will inspect your gums and the condition of every tooth. Your Teaneck dentist will look for signs of decay, cavities, jaw clenching or grinding, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. At this time, digital x-rays may be taken. X-rays give your Teaneck dentists an inside look at what’s going on beneath the surface of your teeth and gums, helping them identify hidden areas of tooth decay or even abnormal growths such as cysts or tumors. Then if an abnormality is found, corrective action can be taken.

Teeth Cleaning in Teaneck, New Jersey

Our Teaneck, NJ dental team first examine your teeth for visible signs of decay and check the integrity of any existing fillings or restorations. We will also inspect your gums for signs of periodontal disease or oral cancer.

MaryEllen, our Teaneck dental hygienist will thoroughly clean all teeth surfaces. After all traces of plaque and tartar have been removed, your teeth will be flossed and polished. MaryEllen may demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. After the teeth cleaning is complete, some patients receive a professional strength fluoride treatment for added strength and protection.