How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

Feb 01, 2021

Dental bridges are among the best available solution to fill-up the gap created by one and more missing teeth inside your mouth. When it comes to their life, they can be with you for an extended period if you take good care of them. Now a day’s dentistry has become more advanced. Patients can go for permanent dentures including them there are different types of dental bridge treatment available.

Insight of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges pop-up as a prominent solution to retain missing teeth. They not only improve your eating functionality but also give attractive aesthetics as well. Bridges are generally made of robust ceramics infused on metal.

Uses of metal made them stronger and add value to them for lasting for a longer time. If we talk about the benefits they give to the patients, the most important is retaining life force back to their life with a big wide smile.

Are Dentures Permanent or Fixed?

Dental bridges can be fixed but we can’t say they are permanent. They can be with you for 10 years and a maximum of more than 30 years. But the only condition is your care and attention towards them. If you keep them maintained, your dentures can surely be with you till you live. But they can also be a short-term game if you will not pay any attention to them.

When you get a denture procedure done inside your mouth, your dentist will give some important instructions to keep them healthy. You must be stick with the routine. Follow all the do’s and not do’s after all you want to wear a smile on your face for many years coming ahead. For high-quality treatment, you can visit Complete Dental Works.

Don’t forget the basics of an oral health regime. Brush dentures in the right way, eat healthily, and avoid toxic habits like smoking and drinking. Among these bad habits, chewing tobacco causes severe harm, not for teeth but for your overall health. If you are indulged in any of the habits, stop it immediately.

Do You Need Denture Replacement?

Once denture gets placed inside your mouth, you can’t expect them to be permanent. After few years, you need to have them replaced. The frequency of replacement also depends on your maintenance.

If they are properly maintained, you can expect no replacement. If they are poorly maintained and get destructed in some accidents, you need their replacement. There are many factors your bridge replacement depends upon:

  • Age of the patient.
  • Overall oral health of the patient.
  • What lifestyle he/she carries.
  • Type of brides.
  • How skillfully placement has been done?
  • What dedication patients show to maintain their oral health?
  • Biting force etc.

Placing dentures inside your mouth require multiple visits to the dentist. It also involves spending money. It is not the procedure you can go for again and again. So be mindful about taking good care of them. Some habits can result in the cracking and chipping of your teeth. Here a brief list of it. Try not to do the mentioned things at any cost.

  • Nail Biting
  • Chewing pen or pencils
  • Eating hard food
  • Using your teeth as a tool for doing something like cutting thread etc.

Although your new teeth will look and function like the natural ones. The bitter reality is the dentures are artificial and can break or chip if you are not aware of their proper use.

Benefits of Having Dentures

As dentures fill up the vacant space inside your mouth, they reward you with many perks such as:

  • Recovering eating functionality
  • Strong bite force
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Confident smile
  • Make you look young and more

When it comes to any dental procedure, always choose a qualified and experienced professional in the case of dentures. Their durability depends on their proper fitting and setting. The process needs to be done skillfully so that it can’t come loose and can handle the biting force efficiently.

If you are in search of qualified professionals, you will find them at our authentic dental clinic. We provide every solution to the patients on all their dental issues. To know more and to get your query resolved, contact us anytime.

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