Five Things Everyone Wearing Dentures Must Know

Five Things Everyone Wearing Dentures Must Know

Jun 01, 2021

Dentures are a popular and inexpensive solution in cosmetic dentistry for replacing missing teeth. It is a foolproof way of bringing smiles back to the faces of people who have lost teeth due to old age, dental infections, or unfortunate accidents. Whether you have complete or partial dentures to close the gap left by your missing teeth to help you eat, drink, speak, and smile feeling you must care for them equally well.

If you want to improve your overall health and maximize the potential of your dentures, you must have information about your options. This blog provides essential information about five things that you must know about dentures.

Do Not Neglect Dental Hygiene

Do not assume your dentures are artificial teeth and therefore don’t need cleaning or maintenance. They too remain in your mouth and need appropriate cleaning to maintain their appearance besides your oral health. Dentures and partials in Teaneck recommend that you brush your dentures thoroughly twice a day and after every meal. Dentures need cleaning with a unique brush because regular toothbrushes can damage or not clean them appropriately. It helps to understand dentures are prone to staining and lose their sparkle if you consume pigmented foods and beverages. Therefore you must limit your consumption of such food items.

Removing Dentures When Not Required Is Suggested

Dentures as dental appliances are removable and worn as needed. Unfortunately, many people forget or neglect to remove them from their mouths frequently. Bad breath and receding gums are a result of leaving dentures in your mouth for extended periods. Your gums also need to relax. Therefore remove your dentures to clean your gums and tongue gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush. When getting into bed, soak your dentures in water to keep them lubricated.

Discomfort with Dentures Is Normal

When you start using dentures initially, you experience some entirely natural discomfort. Your mouth needs time to get accustomed to the alien feeling in your mouth. You may experience soreness and uneasiness or may even notice you are drooling more than usual, even without any food around. The discomfort is temporary and disappears as you get accustomed to the appliance when the dentures fit correctly into the soft tissues in your mouth.

Practice Is Essential with Dentures

When you get your new set of dentures, the two significant privileges you benefit from are eating and talking. However, you might need some time to get accustomed to them. You may feel your dentures are shifting when chewing food. To overcome this challenge, you must try eating differently until you learn the most comfortable technique. Chewing with your molars and premolars helps in such cases. You may experience challenges when speaking because some words may not sound like they used to. When you have dentures in your mouth, your tongue needs to learn many things with your dentures. You can comfortably overcome this challenge by using recommended speech practice.

Repairs and Replacements Are Essential with Dentures

When appropriately maintained, dentures remain with you for around five to seven years. However, prepare yourself with the contact details of the emergency dental clinic near you for repairs or replacements for your dental appliances.

Do not consider repairing or relining the dentures yourself because you may create more harm than any good. The better option is to take them to the dental clinic near you, where an experienced technician performs the repairs if they are damaged for any reason. However, remember you must replace the dentures in approximately five to seven years, as mentioned earlier.

Dentures have their downsides but also beneficial because they allow you to lead a happy and healthy life. You may have lost your natural teeth and all the abilities you had along with them. Dentures are suitable teeth replacements that have been around for over a century. They do not in any way compromise your appearance or any abilities you lost once you have them customized for you.

As with every new dental appliance, you need to practice with dentures until you become accustomed to having them. However, the time required to get used to dentures is minimal, making you realize you made a wise choice to have dentures in your mouth instead of leading a life without teeth. The information provided in this blog can help you overcome the challenges with dentures to begin enjoying life all over again with your artificial teeth in your mouth.

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