Five Reasons Dental Bridges Will Make You Smile

Five Reasons Dental Bridges Will Make You Smile

May 16, 2019

Loss of teeth not just interferes with functionality of the mouth in chewing and speaking, but also affects appearance to a great deal. Lack of teeth makes the gum shrink, the cheeks and skin fold inside, and makes you highly conscious as you smile or open your mouth. But with restorative treatment through dental bridges, you can get back your natural look, healthy smile and confidence back, as well as get support in all other functionalities.

A fully-restored smile

You can get complete smile restoration after fitting a bridge. Dental bridges are meant to give you prosthetic teeth at those places where you don’t have real teeth. To do this the bridge gets support from the two healthy real teeth at either side of the gum where teeth are missing. Your dentist 07666 fits an anchor at each side of the bridge, attached to the healthy tooth on both side, and the prosthetic teeth or single tooth on bridge stays floating over the gum. While this arrangement puts no stress on the gum as it happens in case of dentures, it also gets support from the healthy tooth. Meanwhile your smile gets restored, and when you open your mouth nobody is going to know that you have dental bridges in mouth.

Maintaining your facial appearance

Dental bridges have one big advantage that they do not let your facial muscles and skin sag. When the gum is kept uncovered after you lose your teeth, then with time the jaw bone and gum loses shape at those points, and the skin also folds inside. The muscles holding the bones and tissues also loses shape. Your dentist in Teaneck can help you out by making the right sized dental bridge for you.

Prevention of pain and problems

You must inquire for ‘dentist near me’ and take advice about filing the gap in your gum due to one or more lost teeth. That’s because a dental bridge can prevent disorders of the jaw like TMJ, and also prevent bite problem arising from lost teeth.

Avoid shifting teeth

In absence of a tooth the healthy tooth beside the space can incline towards the vacant portion of the gum, and your teeth appearance as well as bite setting can change. Such shifting of teeth can be prevented with the timely implantation of a dental bridge, which can get done at Complete Dental Works.

Help in speech

Lastly the restoration of missing teeth with prosthetics would avoid any problem with your speech and pronunciations.

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