Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals

Everything You Need to Know about Root Canals

Jan 01, 2019

Ever visited a dentist and heard of root canals? Are you wondering what root canal is and how it is beneficial to you? A root canal treatment can make even the bravest people anxious.

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals Treatment

1. Will it hurt?

The root canal treatment doesn’t hurt; in fact, it is done to relieve the severe toothache that you may be experiencing since sometime. Having a root canal can also save you from tooth removal which can be painful. The root canal procedure aims at removing the damaged pulp as well as nerve tissues of the tooth which offer healthy teeth.

2. When do You Need Root Canal?

A root canal treatment may be needed in following cases:

  • Dental sensitivity
  • Infection in your gums
  • Toothache
  • Darkening of enamel color near the gum line

An experienced dentist will inspect your teeth and gums and will be able to tell if you need a root canal.

3. What makes Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal becomes imperative when the damage to your teeth or decay impacts the inner layer of the tooth and pulp where the nerve is positioned. The nerve system of your tooth is placed in the pulp and when the damage reaches the nerve, it will result in dental sensitivity or pain.

4. What Precautions to Take After a Root Canal?

After the root canal procedure you will be able to brush and floss your teeth as usual. The only things to take care of are the dental hygiene products that you use. It is better to use soft bristle and a paste that is minimally abrasive. Also, try using a waxed dental floss to avoid damage to the restored tooth.

5. How to Prevent Need for Root Canal?

The only way of preventing a root canal is to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. You need to brush and floss your teeth daily twice. Avoid using your teeth for opening chips packet or caps of bottles. Wear a mouth guard during sports activities.

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