Everything you need to know about root canal treatment

Everything you need to know about root canal treatment

Oct 01, 2019

Root canal therapy is dental treatment also known as endodontic therapy. In this, the infection is removed from inside the teeth and protect from future infections. It is performed in the pulp of the tooth known as a root canal.

Root canal treatment

A root canal is part of a tooth which is not exactly a treatment. This contains nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cells known as the pulp. A tooth consists of a crown which is above the gum and roots are below it. Therefore, the tooth is attached to the jawbone with the roots.

There is a pulp inside the root canal which nourishes the tooth and moisture surrounding tissues. This dental procedure in Teaneck is commonly known as a root canal.

Root canal treatment in Teaneck, NJ is done in three steps-

  • Clean the root canal

In Teaneck, the dentist will give local anaesthesia to make a small hole on the surface of the tooth. They will remove the diseased and dead pulp tissues.

  • Fill the root canal

After cleaning and shaping the area, the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material with the use of adhesive cement. This seals the canal completely. There will no pain in that tooth as infection and nerve tissue has been removed.

  • Crown or filling

The tooth is more delicate than before. A crown or filling provides protection and makes the tooth strong. The patient should not chew or bite or anything until crowning or filling is not complete.

This is a root canal treatment. Many people think it is difficult but the dentist in 07666 performs them all the time. There are a few common misconceptions about the procedure-

  • It is painful

Root canal treatment is not much painful as dentists numb the tooth and surrounding area with local anaesthesia before performing the procedure. It relieves the pain by treating and removing the cavity.

  • Very much expensive

It not completely true as every dental care in Teaneck, NJ has their rates. If the procedure is complex and requires more time, then the root canal could be expensive. However, it is very less costly than getting a tooth extraction or bridges. Therefore, it is a myth that all root canals are expensive.

  • Pain goes immediately

Root canals indeed relieve the pain. There will be mild swelling and sensitivity because of the dentist drills and injection in the mouth. The gums and teeth become little sore and pain is for a few hours or weeks. Therefore, it does not eliminate the pain immediately instead takes a few hours.

  • It may fall out

If the root canal gets infected it can be repaired or treated again. It needs to be extracted in case of fracture or severe decay. Root canal lasts for years and is cemented and protected with a crown or filling. There is no chance of root canals falling or coming out.

  • Painkillers are required

It depends on the pain a patient feels. The patient will not be in severe pain after the root canal treatment. In the case of mild pain, a few common painkillers are recommended. Consult the dentist if you are not sure about the painkillers. Avoid them during pregnancy, breastfeeding or having any kind of allergies.

Complications with root canal treatment

  • Sometimes the dentist may find 2-3 root canals in a tooth if there are even 4. If one canal is also left untreated, the infection might spread into the bone.
  • The dentist ensures that filling is done deeply. If the root canal is not sealed properly, the infection could reoccur.
  • If the root of the tooth cracks during the procedure, tooth filling gets very difficult.

The dentist can try to rectify the problem and complete the root canal in case of such complications. Patients should follow the dentist’s instructions to avoid such complications.

How to prevent infection, tooth decay, and gum disease

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Change the toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
  • Find the dentist near you for regular dental check-ups and cleanings.
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