Did We Recommend A Dental Crown? It Might Be For One Of These 3 Reasons

Did We Recommend A Dental Crown? It Might Be For One Of These 3 Reasons

Apr 01, 2019

Your dentist in Teaneck can recommend a dental crown instead of a regular dental filling in cases when the decay or damage on your tooth is beyond repair using a dental filling. A dental crown procedure is designed to restore the entire structure of your tooth and protect the integrity of your dental root.

Here are some probable reasons your Dentist in New Jersey, Teaneck might recommend a dental crown procedure for you.

Your Tooth is Broken or Fractured

A cracked, broken or fractured tooth can permit the entry of harmful bacteria into your tooth. This can lead to an infection and restrict your ability to chew and eat properly, and possibly cause intense pain. A dental crown will replace your damaged tooth and restore its dental function.

It is important to visit your Dentist in Teaneck in case you are suffering you’re a cracked, broken, or fractured tooth to safeguard your tooth from further damage and infection.

You Have Lost an Old Restoration

Although fillings and dental crowns are tough and can last a lifetime. But without a proper case, they can get damaged and break or fall off, needing replacement to the prevention of infection, pain, and further damage.

A dental crown is considered an excellent option to build and restore a tooth having a previously weakened by some form of restoration treatment carried out in the past.

Ensuring visiting your Dentist in New Jersey, Teaneck immediately in an event your old dental crown or filling breaks and fall off.

Your Tooth has Extensive Decay

Dental decay can be treated with dental fillings during the early stages. However, the decay is untreated and progressed to a much more extensive stage, your Dentist in Teaneck will recommend a dental crown to eliminate the decay and restore your tooth.

Complete Dental Works offers dental crown treatments while ensuring that the treatment is completed within two weeks and within two appointments. To know more about dental crowns and our wide range of dental services, book an appointment with us or visit our office.

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