Best Teeth Whitener for Your Teeth: Which Option Would You Prefer?

Best Teeth Whitener for Your Teeth: Which Option Would You Prefer?

Mar 01, 2021

Are you searching for the best teeth whitener available on the market using resources like the Internet or information from your friends or family members? A surprise is likely to hit you soon because the number of products available is many. Every product claims they can make your teeth whiter and brighter like none other. The chances are high that you may decide to invest in some products at home, thinking it helps you save money.

Teeth whitening is a viral cosmetic dentistry treatment many people are seeking. Your teeth may have discolored due to various reasons, either from the foods and beverages you have, lifestyle habits like smoking or chewing tobacco, dental infections, or merely improper oral hygiene maintenance.

The teeth’ discoloration affecting you could have discolored the enamel or even penetrated it to affect the dentin. Most products available on the market are useful for whitening your teeth and similar to the toothpaste you use. If you want effective teeth whitening near you to remedy providing results instantly, you must give up searching for teeth whiteners; instead, search for a teeth whitening dentist who can deliver guaranteed results in a couple of appointments.

Why Ignore Teeth Whitener’s Available on the Market?

Most teeth whiteners available in drugstores or supermarkets don’t contain whitening ingredients in concentrated doses to function effectively. When you visit the teeth whitening dentist requesting the whitening procedure, the dentist uses full hydrogen peroxide versions that effectively penetrate your enamel and even your dentin. The penetration ensures your discolored teeth appear whiter or brighter by about three to eight shades in a 60-minute appointment with the dentist.

Over-the-counter products contain low doses or no hydrogen peroxide and are ineffective at whitening the intrinsic and extrinsic stains on your teeth. They only function as teeth whiteners when used regularly and for the recommended period by dentists. It is why you must always prefer to get teeth whitening near you if you want to view visible results instantly.

Why Not Teeth Whiteners From Other Sources?

The significant increase in tooth whitening demand has encouraged many individuals working in beauty salons to offer teeth whitener’s or teeth whitening treatments that they claim are useful. If you are price conscious, you may likely prefer visiting a salon for teeth whitening. However, before you step into the salon, it will help if you calculated how much it would cost you to see the emergency dentist near you complaining about tooth sensitivity after receiving the teeth whitening treatment.

Unqualified professionals with no knowledge about dentistry are prohibited from providing teeth whitening treatments or any whiteners for use at home. A qualified dentist better provides these treatments with experience about your facial anatomy and the products they must use to whiten your teeth.

What Can You Expect from the Teeth Whitening Dentist?

As mentioned earlier, you can expect instant results from the teeth whitening dentist when you get your teeth whitened by them. You can also expect to receive at-home teeth whitening trays if you need them to maintain the results of teeth whitening. However, the treatments come at a price higher than over-the-counter products or treatments offered by beauty salons.

Before starting the teeth whitening procedure, the dentist gives you a prophylactic cleaning to ensure any plaque build-up on your teeth is removed. After that, the dentist ensures your lips, cheeks, and soft tissue are protected using a rubber dam.

The dentist applies concentrated hydrogen peroxide on your teeth and uses heat and light to activate the whitening ingredients. The application is repeated at 15-minute intervals approximately four times during the hour. At the end of the procedure, you notice visible results with your teeth appearing whiter and brighter than before.

If you want to maintain the whitening results, you can request at-home whitening trays from the dentist that are fabricated by taking impressions of your mouth. The at-home trays are developed specifically for you, and the dentist also provides the whitening gel with instructions on how you must fill the trays with gel and place them over your teeth for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.

Dentists also recommend that you limit consumption of pigmented foods and beverages, avoid lifestyle habits like smoking or chewing tobacco, brush and floss your teeth every day and get regular dental cleanings to keep your teeth and smile appearing brighter for longer.

If you want the best teeth whitener, you must rely on your dentist’s expertise instead of searching for various products available online or even in local stores.

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