A Missing Tooth Makes It Hard to Smile. Restore Your Smile with a Dental Bridge!

A Missing Tooth Makes It Hard to Smile. Restore Your Smile with a Dental Bridge!

Nov 08, 2018

Your smile is a very important part of what you present to the world. Whether it’s a job interview, a reunion, or an important date, your smile should make you feel confident in everything you do.

But that’s not always the case if you have a missing tooth. Not only is your confidence compromised, but a missing tooth can also affect your ability to chew your favorite foods or even speak clearly when your words are important! And here’s something that a lot of people don’t consider. Over time, a missing tooth can even affect the shape of your face!

So, what’s a solution that many patients in Teaneck, NJ have chosen and been delighted in the results? A dental bridge.

The Basics About a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge uses dental crowns to serve as anchors to your healthy teeth, and consists of a prosthetic tooth in between close (or “bridge”) the gap. The procedure gives your bridge the flexibility to replace one or more teeth. And because it’s customized to match your existing teeth with porcelain crowns, it will give you the natural, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming of!

Using Implant Supported Bridges

In some instances, your dentist may recommend using dental implants to anchor your bridge. Because implants are anchored in your jawbone, they not only have the ability to create a firm foundation for a bridge, but they can also keep the bone stimulated just as a natural root would do. Implant supported bridges provide even better longevity for your bridge since implants have the potential to last a lifetime.

Maintaining Your Bridge is Easy!

Since a bridge is a fixed appliance, which means it is not removable, it means it’s very easy to maintain as a part of your normal oral hygiene routine. Simply brush and floss around your anchor crowns to keep them clean and free of bacteria. With good oral hygiene and regular checkups, your dental bridge can last up to 15 years or longer.

Make Today the Day You Choose a Healthy Smile

Make an appointment today at Complete Dental Works in Teaneck, NJ to learn more about how a dental bridge can help restore your smile!

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